Our Mission

Inspire & prepare the next generation of foreign affairs, intelligence & security professionals for impactful careers in the public or private sector.

Too often, many talented individuals from all walks of life forego an opportunity to serve in these important roles because

1.) they don’t know they exist, 

2.) they aren’t properly prepared for the application process.

NSCLI aims to change that. 

Who We Serve

Career Seekers

If you have (or think you might have) a passion for foreign affairs, intelligence or security, we can help you find the role and prepare you for the opportunity.

Find & Prepare for Opportunity

Our on-demand & live training with 1-1 coaching has proven to create pathways for those who want to serve.
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Are you a college, university, trade school or fellowship program serving students interested in foreign affairs, intelligence and security fields? We help Career Service Organizations facilitate positive outcomes.

Career Center Support

We complement your offerings with tailored programming and coaching that meets student needs and your budget.
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Our Partners

Helping these great organizations serve their important missions.

How We Support

Programming & Courses

NSCLI offers an array of free & affordable, relevant and high-quality courses on topics to help propel your career forward.

One-One Coaching

Browse NSCLI’s directory of expert career, leadership and performance coaches to give you the personal support you need.


Apply to join NSCLI’s Community to network with industry experts and access resources, templates and more. 

What You Can Accomplish

If you feel stuck or lost in the sea of faceless job boards, we can help you re-energize your search by identifying creative new approaches and techniques. 

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or making a mid-career pivot, It’s important to define not only what you are good at, but what you want to achieve. 

Having a great resume and cover letter will not only make you stand out from the crowded and competitive field, it will give you the confidence to know that you are putting your best foot forward with hiring managers. 

The key to interviewing is all about preparation and practice. Our courses and coaching will help you excel at the intelligence and security interviews. 

Getting into, and excelling in, foreign affairs, intelligence and security fields is more about who you are than what you know. Our courses and coaching on leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence will help you perpetually improve in these key attributes. 

Let’s face it. Foreign affairs, intelligence and security professionals can struggle to define their value and build the relationships they need to open up new opportunities. We can help.

What Our Members Say

What Our Members Say

Mike's expertise, industry experience, and easy-going nature makes him incredibly easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to work with a coach to navigate their current role or anyone considering a career change."

I enjoyed working with Mike. He listened to my career ideas, frustrations and questions and approached them in a deliberate, practical manner. His feedback on my resume and other documents have helped me better prepare for job searching in the national security space. I would highly recommend Mike's services, especially if you are an early career professional like myself trying to get a foot in the door of the natsec field."or anyone considering a career change."

From job search strategies, to tips on living in D.C., I can say with confidence that Mr. Cassidy has had the biggest impact on my development into a young professional. He is knowledgeable, caring, and funny."

Thank You, NSCLI! Your insight was invaluable. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most pressing questions.

Why Did You Start NSCLI?

Getting a job in the foreign affairs intelligence & security professions is often a difficult and lonely – especially for those who don’t have the same resources, connections or background as current professionals. However, after 7 years of helping clients make these career transitions through coaching, we knew it didn’t have to be. 

As a result, we wanted to leverage the power of Course, Coaching and Community to both help those who have a passion to serve.

Why Don't You Have a Job Board?

Someday we might. But for now, we believe there are many other options for candidates to find the latest job announcements.

Our focus is on preparing our members for using those services by supporting the transformation required to be competitive candidates. 

Do You Accept Everyone Who Applies for Membership?

Although we both embody and are steadfastly committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, we take great care to ensure those who join our community are dedicated to careers in foreign affairs, intelligence & security and will be respectful members.

 Our application process is designed to create a trusted, healthy and empowering forum through careful consideration of who will be admitted. In addition, those admitted will be bounded by our terms of service to ensure that the comity and respect continues over the course of the Members’ participation in NSCLI.

Who would benefit from NSCLI’s approach, including career coaching?

Fundamentally, NSCLI seeks to introduce and inspire the next generation of national security and foreign affairs professionals.  Some young people and more established individuals already have an interest in understanding of these fields. In this case, they may need only minimal guidance on how to complete for available positions.  There are other populations who are not yet aware of the potential of a career in foreign affairs or national security.  These groups will benefit from an exploration of possibilities through individual or group career coaching, or a broader introductory session with NSCLI professionals.  We seek to meet the client at their current level of knowledge and build from there.

What if I don’t know anything about national security or foreign affairs?

Then you are a great fit for working with NSCLI to learn more about the associated opportunities! We don’t require or assume you already know all about these fields. NSCLI’s goal is to increase understanding of and participation in national security and foreign affairs in diverse populations. Not every community or educational institution has the knowledge or other resources to educate members about opportunities in these areas, and that is why we are here to help.

My University (or College) Has a Career Center. Why Should I Join?

Having gotten our start in coaching on a university campus, we have great respect for the work that Career Service Organizations do to help students reach positive career outcomes upon graduation. 

It’s because of that, NSCLI is passionate about helping CSOs by complementing or augmenting their capabilities with industry-specific expertise. If they have a student who is interested in national security, intelligence, defense or corporate security, we want to provide them with the resources and skills to make them competitive candidates. 

Do You Work With Recruiters?

We routinely consult with recruiters to stay up-to-date on the current needs and hiring practices, but don’t offer job placement services. 

How Are You Different than LinkedIn?

Love this question. Without a doubt, LinkedIn has helped millions of professionals connect and network in ways that lead to great career opportunities and outcomes. It is a fantastic resource.

However, for those in the intelligence and security professions – or those trying to get in – LinkedIn’s size and openness presents many challenges and concerns. It’s a massive ocean, with millions of fish. 

NSCLI seeks to complement LinkedIn by providing a small oasis where those in foreign affairs, intelligence & security can develop and prepare for the career market. Here they will gain the industry-specific specific knowledge and skills sought by those who are using LinkedIn to find candidates or connections. 

Are You Ready to Get Started?

We can’t wait for you to join us in our mission to reshape the future of intelligence & security careers.