Our Purpose & Strategy

Our Vision

We are a 501(c)(3) committed to creating an environment where talented, purpose-driven individuals from across the Nation have equal access to opportunities in foreign affairs, intelligence & security careers.

Our Mission

Inspire & prepare the next generation of foreign affairs, intelligence & security professionals for impactful careers in the public or private sector.


Our Values

To fulfill the promise of Vision & Mission, NSCLI must consistently embody the fundamental values which make a great organization.


We’re committed to supporting those who seek to answer the call to serve something greater than themselves


Trust is the bedrock of any organization and requires all of us to be honest and forthright in everything we do and say.


Tackling the most important and demanding challenges requires bravery, determination and resilency.

Our Strategy

We believe that our Nation’s security is best served when individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and locations have an equal opportunity to compete for critical roles in foreign affairs, intelligence and security. 

The current approach, however, has given an unequal advantage to those from a select number of locations and institutions. The result has ensured that many who would would become critical contributors are either not aware of the opportunities or not prepared. 

NSCLI is therefore committed to helping institutions and individuals across the United States learn about the available roles and then prepare them to compete through tailored upskilling and coaching.

We will balance and expand opportunity for those looking to serve in these important roles by unlocking the power of CoursesCommunity and Coaching for all. 

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