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One-One Coaching

Get personalized support for helping you craft an effective career pivot strategy.

Targeted, Practical Courses

Our experienced instructors have developed on-demand courses to teach you the fundamentals of career transformations.

Discussion Forums & Networking

Our active Community offers a wealth of wisdom from coaches and other career pivoters that you can apply

Templates & Examples

We have a number of resume, cover letter and other templates from the industry you seek.

Monthly Live Events

There's nothing like the opportunity to hear from and engage our experts and special guests.

Podcasts & Other Content

Our Coaches' Corner Podcast and blogs provide more content to help you confront the challenges of a career pivor with confidence.

Been There.
Done That.

Making a change after 10+ years in a career field can be daunting. To make the change requires a lot of learning – about the new industry and yourself – and courage

At NSCLI, our coaches and instructors have lived the process themselves. They know that it is not only possible, but know what it takes to make it a reality. 

What You Will Achieve

Although we never guarantee an outcome, we can commit to you walking away with: 


In the face of unlimited options, we can help chart the course that best fits your career goals. 


You will create compelling materials that resonate with employers.


The power of our Community approach will diminish the doubt & loneliness that pervades the pivot process. 

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