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Making the transformation to being a coach is challenging. You must not only learn the requisite skills and put in the hours of practice, you also have to spend time developing and honing your offering. Although there are many great coaching programs that can help you ready yourself to deliver world-class services, there are few places that can help you find the clients that most need your help – especially in the bespoke field like security & intelligence. 

We help coaches find clients & deliver knowledge to those who need it most.

How We Do It

Coaching Directory & Referrals

Create a robust profile in our searchable directory to allow other members and potential clients to review your offering, credentials & rates.

Integrated Booking & Payment

Post your service offerings and availability and we'll handle the payment via our secure booking platform.

On-Demand Courses

Reach a broader audience and earn passive income from your expertise by creating tailored online courses on key career topics.

Private Coaching Groups

Learn from other coaches serving the intelligence & security field via coaches-only online groups and discussion forums.

Live Events

Host your own or participate in monthly live events aimed at sharing career knowledge and connecting with potential clients.

Other Resources

Gain access to templates, examples and other live resources that coaches are using to help drive traffic and service more clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know Coaching is all about curiosity.

The toughest part about becoming a coach doesn’t involve the practice of coaching, it’s finding qualified clients who have a real need for your offering. For those coaches with backgrounds in national security, government, international organizations and private-sector security, this can be especially challenging.

NSCLI helps bring together entry-level and mid-career professionals who are looking for help in these specific fields with coaches with that specific expertise. Through our coaching directory, online course offerings and discussion forums, coaches have unique access to prospective clients ready for their coaching. 

We compensate coaches for their expertise and time.

Upon acceptance to the program, coaches establish a rate for their coaching time and are paid directly by NSCLI. 

As a non-profit, we charge 15% of the fees you earn from Coaching Services booked through NSCLI. These funds cover payment processing and other costs, as well as help us reinvest into our programs that serve a greater number of individuals. 

For paid online courses that you create, NSCLI has flexible, coach-friendly licensing terms that will ensure you are rewarded your expertise and effort. 

The NSCLI Community is filled with entry-level and mid-career professionals eager to break-in, pivot or rise within the foreign affairs intelligence & security profession. 

We have screened each of our members to ensure they have the genuine interest in the profession AND possess the acumen and mindset to apply the coaching and knowledge they gain with us. 

As a result, we believe that coaches who want to specialize in serving this audience will find no better place to find qualified clients for their practice. 

Yes. Although many clients prefer to find the best coach for them via our searchable Coach Directory, some need additional help to make this important choice. 

At NSCLI, our “Get Recommendation” feature allows clients to post what they need from a coach and we then provde them a few options from which to select.

All Coaches on the NSCLI  Community platform are automatically eligible to participate in the program at no extra cost and no additional action beyond posting and maintaining robust profile. 

For Coaches, our application process is straightforward. 

Just click “Apply Now“, pay the application and subscription fee, and fill out some additional details. 

After that, someone from the NSCLI team will contact you to arrange a short interview to better understand your background, offering and what you hope to accomplish via our Community. We then consider all the available information and will let you know (often within 24-48 hours) whether you’ve been accepted. 

It’s that easy!

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